Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spoil Yourself With These!

Spoil yourself with some handcrafted jewellery this week. They won't last long!

Swarovski Pearl Rhinestone Peach Earrings - Donated by Artisan Jouel
Fantail Bamboo Ring - Donated by Muzroom
Lapis And Leaves earrings: bronze leaves on chain with blue lapis lazuli pebbles - Donated by Whiteleaf Jewellery
Blue Filigree Ring - Donated by flameRED
Handmade Kanzashi Brooch - Donated by natasya
Filigree brass leaf and pearl bracelet - Donated by Lunachia Jewellery
"time for tea" necklace - donated by mollyandme
Jewel Box Necklace - Donated by Relique Vintage Jewellery
Little Leafy Drops - Donated by whalebird
Clematis Earrings - Donated by Copper-Red
White leather earrings with black paisley design - Donated by odi-design
Bird in a basket necklace - Donated by one trick pony

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